do you want to play for hours?

Most comfortable headjoint ever

Play without pain

Solid and balanced feel. Free, safe and relaxed posture.

Great sound

Delivers a warm sound with lots of dynamic and coloring freedom.

Free testset

Lets you test different shapes and supports for free.

Swan neck headjoint

There is no need to suffer while playing the flute. Let Flutelab ergonomical flute headjoints allow you to hold and play the flute in a way that is gentle to your body, while enjo­ying great sound.

Vertical headjoint

Simply put the vertical head on your own flute and you have a vertical flute. When nothing else will do, Flutelab Vertical headjoint lets you play again.

Onehand instruments

Flutes and saxophones you can play with one hand. They are taylor made to fit your needs. 
Award winning designs.

"The head joint is wonderful and comfortable to play on."

Brenda Waters, USA

"Having a flute that I can play one-handed still seems miraculous to me. It gives me so much joy to be able to play again after my stroke. I tell everyone that you are a genius!"

Rae Terpenning, USA

How to order


If you are wondering if the Swan Neck or Vertical headjoint might be suitable for you, do consider ordering the Test Set. The Test Set is a case with 3-D printed plastic models of the Flutelab ergonomical headjoints.They will fit any flute so you can assess if a Flutelab headjoint is right for you.

about flutelab

Maarten Visser (Amsterdam, 1959) graduated in 1983 from Newark Technical College (UK) in Woodwind making and repairing. Since 1984, he pioneered in making adaptive wind instruments for physically challenged musicians. From there on he expanded his activities in research into improving the ergonomy of the Boehm flute. This led to the development of the swan-neck headjoint and the vertical flute. In 2014 he won the OHMI award for the Onehand flute.

Maarten lives in Amsterdam with his wife and has one son.

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