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    I suffer pain in my neck or shoulder when I play the flute. Can you help me?

    It is likely but not certain you will benefit from a Flutelab ergonomic flute headjoint. There is one way to find out, either by trying one at Flutelab or a representative, or by ordering a test set.

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    Will a Swan Neck or Vertical headjoint be any good if I have arthritis or Carpal Tunnel syndrome?

    Some arthitis patient benefit from the vertical flute headjoint. For carpal tunnel syndrome there is not usually a benefit in using an ergonomic headjoint. However, I can modify your flute to reduce the strain on your wrists.

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    I do not know which one of your products I need.

    I advise you order the Test Set, this will allow you to asses the flutelab ergonomic flute heads yourself. For free! Order here: https://www.flutelab.com/buy/

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    Is an ergonomic flute beneficial when I have no symptoms?

    To make your flute more ergonomic, a swan neck flute jeadjoint is a fantastic option that allows you to move and breathe freely while you play the flute.

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    How is the sound different from a straight headjoint?

    There is barely any difference apart from the vertical headjoint having a bit more resistance in the highest notes. Overall, the acoustical effects of the bends are compensated for with an special bore taper. I had to modify the Boehm parabola to achieve this. Flutelab headjoints have a big, warm tone with lots of coloring and dynamic freedom.

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    Will the tuning be different?

    No, the tuning of the Flutelab headjoints is impeccable. There an acoustical effect of the sound wave to cut the corners short. In the Flutelab headjoints that effect has been compensated for in both bore size and taper. The headjoints are made to A=442Hz.

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    Can I play in all the same registers as with a normal head?

    Yes, you have the same frequency range as an ordinary high quality headjoint.

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    How do I clean my Flutelab headjoint?

    Each Flutelab ergonomical headjoint comes with a flexible cleaner and a microfiber cloth. I advise you use a q-tip to clean the inside of the embouchure hole once a month.

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    How do I fix the thumbrest on my flute?

    It just clips on. Most people prefer it opposite the F key. Keep both flute and thumb rest clean to prevent scratching. If you clean the flute body with cleaning alcohol the thumb rest will stay better.

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    How about a box?

    The headjoints come in a box, it is included in the price.
    A special case that will hold both flute and headjoint can be ordered from me.
    If I have modified your flute it will probably not fit its box anymore. In that case you will need to have a box specially made for you by a professional case builder such as Dankers Special Cases or a local supplier.

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    I have VERY small hands for an adult and fairly short arms.

    You may need some key modifications and perhaps a Swan Neck headjoint and you will be all right.

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    What are the differences between the vertical headjoint you offer and the one made by Drelinger?

    Every headjoint maker has his own qualities. I have never been able to compare the two side by side, so I do not know how they are different.

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    What does a Swan Neck or vertical Headjoint cost?

    Current pricing is here: https://www.flutelab.com/buy/

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    How much is that in dollars/yuan/francs/dinar ?

    You can convert into your own currency at www.xe.com. Please do not forget shipping cost.

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    I live in (USA, Japan, Iceland...) can I try one of your headjoints?

    On the order page https://www.flutelab.com/buy/ is a list of my foreign representatives. They will be glad to help you. If your favorite flute shop does not have Flutelab headjoints, ask them to contact me, I will happily work with them.

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    How do I go about ordering one of your products?

    How do I go about ordering one of your products?
    You will find several ways to order on the order page: flutelab.com/buy

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    How do I pay for my ergonomic headjoint?

    You can pay by Sepa transfer, wire transfer, Paypal and credit card.

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    Do I have to pay BTW (VAT/ sales tax)?

    If you live in the EU and you are not a VAT-registered business, then VAT is included in the price. If you live outside European Union then the products may be taxed upon import.

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    How much are shipping costs?

    Very much depends on location and size/weight. I ship with DHL when it is unexpensive (I have a good insurance for this) and UPS for expensive items. UPS will be around € 120.

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    Do you need a deposit?

    No deposit is required for orders on flute headjoints. When you order an expensive instrument you may be asked to pay in advance for the flute. For large adaptation jobs I request a downpayment of 25%

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    Is there a waiting time?

    The avarage waiting time is 3 months. I try to keep it is low as possible,but sometimes I have complicated jobs (like building one-handed flutes) and then everybody else has to wait.

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    Can I order an entire instrument from you?

    Yes, I can supply nearly any flute at a competetive price. Please let me know your wishes.

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    Can I rent a Swan Neck or Vertical flute from you?

    I am sorry, that is not possible.

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    Do you offer financing options?

    I am sorry, but I am unable to do so.

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    Can I trade in my existing headjoint?

    I am afraid you can’t. I am an instrument maker, not a headjoint shop.

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    Can you make a headjoint for my Brand X flute?

    Yes, as long as I know the size of the tenon (box) where the headjoins slides into the main tube. Usually, if I know make and model of your flute, that will give me enough information. With unknown brands it might be a problem, then you have to ask the flute shop about the tenon size.

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    Can your headjoints fit into my own student model flute?

    Yes, no problem as long as I know which brand it is.

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    What material are the flute heads made of?

    The Flutelab ergonomic flute headjoints are made of silver 925/000 (Sterling). The crown has a malachite cabochon

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    Also, do you make these for piccolos?

    No, but the first vertical head was made long ago by Mr Wunnenberg, for piccolo.

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    Do you also make alto flute heads?

    Not yet, but I may in the future, if there is enough demand. But there is a real problem here: bore sizes vary between brands. And having to make special tooling for just one or two flutes would become extremely expensive.

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    Can you make one with a wing lipplate?

    No I do not have this as an option. The lipplates I use are of my own design.

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    What if I have special demands (gold tube,platinum riser)

    Please discuss your wishes by email. Delivery times are longer for special materials as I do not stock these.

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    Do you still make the Model-7 headjoint?

    Yes, on special demand I make a model -7 ergonomic flute headjoint.

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    Can you make it sound exactly like my 1966 Haynes?


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    So you bend the original head joint into a swan-neck shape?

    No, I make entirely new headjoints. I use a special bore taper that compensates for the tuning imperfections caused by the bends. Also, the saw cuts will shorten the tube so that the flute will play very sharp. My special headjoint taper also compensates for this.

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    What is the tenon size of my flute?

    The tenon is the part of the headjoint where it goes into the flute body. The tenon must fit very precisely. To make sure your new headjoint fits on your existing flute, we must know the tenon size to great accuracy. Usually, if I know make and model of your flute, that will do, or your repairperson can measure this for you. Once you ergonomic flute headjoint is ready, it might need some final fitting. Your flute repair tech has all the special tools for this, it is a small job.

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    How do I go about having my flute modified?

    There are two ways to handle the procedure: one if you don’t mind a trip to Amsterdam, where I live. You would then visit my workshop, and I construct a dummy adaptation on the spot. You will be able to judge and refine my proposition then and there. I will then quote a price for the work to be done, and when
    you accept, I’ll make the requested headjoint/ adaptations.

    Amsterdam is a gorgeous place, but I can imagine it’s a bit much of a trip.
    So the alternative option is to do things by email and skype. I ask questions, You answer,and I finally construct a dummy flute which I send to you by snailmail so
    you can feel how it would be to play a swan-neck or verical flute. For most people the standard test set dummies for Swan Neck/Vertical headjoint are

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    Do you know of any left handed flutes being made.

    A two handed left hand flute of Viento make can be ordered from me. The One-Handed flutes for left hand are made by me.

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    Can you also modify the keys of my flute?

    Yes, I can. I have a lot of experience doing this.
    Email me with you wishes. Photos, descriptions and video are very helpful.

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    Can you make a flute that I can play with only the right or left hand?

    Over the years, I have made adaptive instruments thay people did not believe possible. Left and Right handed Onehand flutes can be supplied.

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    Can you make an adapted violin / guitar / sousaphone?

    I am sorry, only wind instruments, with a specialisation of flutes and saxophones.

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    If I design a special key or adaptation for my flute can you make it and send it to me?

    I will need the flute. Everything has to fit perfectly or it won’t work. But I will happily work with your ideas.

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    What is the test set?

    The test set is a case with 3-D printed dummy models of the Flutelab ergonomical flute headjoints. They will fit any flute, and the Test set comes with all thumb rests and other accessories and instruction you need. With the test set you can quickly find out is the Flutelab headjoints will allow you to play the flute without pain or discomfort.

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    What does the Test Set Cost?

    It is free, you just pay to ship it back to me. Ordinary mail will do. But if you don’t send it back you owe me euro 200.

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    So why dont I have a test set that can be blown to sound?

    If you to use that headjoint to assess the sound quality, I better send you a pretty good headjoint. Problem 1: sending such an expensive product up and down is very expensive both in shipping costs as in taxes. Problem 2 is that I cannot be 100% certain that that headjoint will be representative of the final product you will get, as I can never make the same headjoint
    twice. Problem 3 is that it may not fit your flute. The Testset always fits. If you order a headjoint from me and you dont like the sound of it, you send it back to me.

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    Can you send me a test set?

    Yes, please order here flutelab.com/buy and I will happily send you one.

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