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Maarten Visser (Amsterdam, 1959) graduated in 1983 from Newark Technical College in Woodwind making and repairing. Since 1984, he pioneerded in making adaptive wind instruments for physically challenged musicians. From there on he expanded his activities in research into improving the ergonomy of the Boehm flute. This led to the development of the swan-neck headjoint and the vertical flute. In 2014 he won the OHMI award for the Onehand flute.

Maarten lives in Amsterdam with his wife and has one son.




Your are welcome in my flute workshop which is located in the North of Amsterdam in the former NDSM shipyard. There is a free ferry from Central Station right to NDSM.

Please make an appointment first, and we can work together on your instrument. Please email or call to make an appointment.

You can find my contact details below. You can download an itinerary here


Let’s say you have pain playing the flute. Because of arthritis, a pinched nerve, a strained muscle.

The first person you see is your flute teacher, and she may teach you a different posture or suggest a thumb rest. Then you see your physical therapist, who will show you the right exercises and stretches to beat the discomfort. Your MD however, will suggest a medical intervention, usually in the form of medicines.

Of course, to a hammer everything looks like a nail, and we all work with the tools we have. So, naturally an flute maker will think of a adaptation to the instrument itself. We always say, we play the flute, and my flute sounds like this, etc. But acoustically speaking, what sounds is not the flute but the body of air contained within it. The instrument is an interface between that air and the player. If it does not make the air resonate well it is not a good flute. If it hurts the player it is neither a good flute.

It is my philosophy that the instrument should adapt to the player, not the other way around. We are accustomed to the flute having this particular shape, without considering the alternatives. Flutelab has been thinking out of the box for decades, making adaptive woodwinds for hundreds of people.

3-D printed hand supports for vertical flute. Invented, designed and mady by Flutelab

To ask a question, order a flute headjoint or plan a visit, contact us here


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